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Our mission is to share our knowledge to people who would like to learn Mandarin Chinese in a more effective way through our professional teachers and free resources.

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Who are we?

Mandarinpedia is based in Malaysia. It was founded by a former engineer/team trainer of IBM Malaysia, and an IPA certified Senior Chinese language teacher from China.

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Mandarin Course

We offer Chinese tutoring focused on communication & conversation for adults & teenagers who want to learn Mandarin Chinese at every level. Read More

Course highlights

  • One-to-one courseware learning.
  • Repetitive memorization and snowball effect learning methodology.
  • Vocabulary in line with HSK examination.
  • Post-course assessment upon completion of each level.



Carry out simple dialogue and direct communication on daily tasks and routine matters.

HSK Level 1 - Level 2



Enable you to communicate in Mandarin on a range of topics in terms of study and work.

HSK Level 2 - Level 4



Understand and communicate fluently in Mandarin with native speakers without barrier.

HSK Level 5 - Level 6
Children Mandarin Class

Children Mandarin Class

Support your child to improve Mandarin level with our effective and focused small group class, and help students to enhance speaking, reading and writing skills through enjoyable interactive activities with our affordable Mandarin class. Read More

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Free Tutorials & References


A Mandarin pronunciation tutorial that helps the beginner or self-learner to learn and strengthen their Pinyin.


Learn and practise the commonly used vocabulary and dialog to improve communication skills.


An effective tutorial for beginner or self-learner learn how to read and write Chinese characters.

Pinyin Chart

A Mandarin Chinese pronunciation reference with audio that includes all syllables and tones.

HSK Vocabulary

Searchable list of HSK level 1 to 3 vocabulary with a correspond pinyin, part of speech and meaning.

Chinese Computing

Understand multilingual input method and how to display Chinese characters in a non-Chinese Windows.

Online Quiz

Free online Mandarin Chinese quiz. Test your Mandarin knowledge to support your learning.

Coming soon...
Elementary Conversation 7
Free Tutorial
Intermediate Conversation 1
Free Tutorial
Pinyin Audio
HSK Level 4 Vocabulary

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